Monday, 9 June 2014


thunderbird custom wheels 
This is what Khalidaro multi spokes rims could be defined as when we talk about some extra ordinary set of wheels running on the roads.Its distinctive look and intelligent design makes it a bold street runner that will splint your journey in city,highway where ever you go
royal enfield thunderbird custom wheels
only enfield custom wheels 

Something different and Something better...
khalidaro custom wheels for royal enfield bullets

Sunday, 11 May 2014


cannon performance exhaust for royal enfield

Everyone likes to have something extra and that’s what Khalidaro’s Performance Exhaust delivers. The specialized mechanism of this cog boosts up the performance and delivers what you would like to call- the extra mile. The design also features to produce an echoed sound that you definitely would like to hear throughout your ride. Its stainless steel body with chrome finish on top of it furnishes a better glance and longer durability.

khalidaro performance exhaust for royal enlield

modified royal enlield exhaust / scilencer

Saturday, 10 May 2014


khalidaro modified accessories
modified royal enfield
Now the time has come to start the a website where you have a wide range of custom made aftermarket accessories for your royal enfield,,, we started designing handle bars, extended foot rests, inverted forks, performance exhaust system, head lights, seats, multi spokes rims,,,,etc

LET'S START assembling your bike

These are the clear indicators where the bulbs are not visible and you get a superb neon glow effect

royal enfield modified seat by khalidaro

khalidaro modified seat for classic 350/500

Custom made seat for classic 350/500  gives you a very comfortable ride with a unique pillion seat detachable cowl ...

Monday, 28 April 2014


The ideas were becoming wild day by day... Now lets, get the fire out...

A yamaha fz 16 with a khalidaro design custom made cowl with under seat exhaust system with the fire spitter made every one crazy on the road....( wow what a fantastic exhaust system) was the words said by the client and there friends....    


royal enfield classic exhaust
I was just concentrating on the exhaust system and the custom bikes, where i wanted all my choppers to sound unique... Then was the birth of the cannon performance exhaust system where i started placing it on most of my chopper bikes made on royal enfield,,,,,

khalidaro modified royal enfield
classic 350/500 silencer/exhaust

Friday, 25 April 2014


khalidaro modified exhaust for yamaha rx100
Was the year for 2 stroke engines for me, where i started loving the raw sound of a yamaha and wanted to learn something from it...I had the sound on my mind but could not explain to others my team was confused,,coz they were not able to understand what I want, what kind of sound I am looking for....
         we made 7 exhaust system, and after listening to the sound the 8th one was final and that was a supppperb sound.....

khalidaro modified dirt bike on yamaha rx 100

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Exiting 2008

The fire was all with in me,, wanted to creat a different sound a very different one.. din't know how to do and where to start from... then I found my maruti swift parked in front of me ,,,I thought what if my car sound like a formula1,
wow thats a good idea....and the R&D started with my best friend come manager ( shams khamar ) and this is what we made .